Meet the Kids

Welcome to Our Block! We’re an upcoming podcast from the good kids tryna make it in this crazy ass world. We don’t literally record in our parents’ basements, but given our situation we make do with what we have. We started with an idea to give listeners a slice of life. Here’s what you need to know these nut jobs.



Producer and Host of Good Kids’ Block, Amelia probably needs to be smarter about how she spends her time. She’s an aspiring novelist majoring in English at the University of Minnesota. Grey’s Anatomy has made her decide to pursue a career as a surgical physician assistant where she hopes to spend hours on end in an OR. She recommends running as a stress reliever. You can find her on Instagram.

Dr. Ali


Co-Host Dr. Sumaya Ali is a Pre-Med student at Hamline University. She spends her days writing medical charts and putting condoms on bananas. Despite her career aspirations, she’s still a frat boy at heart and loves a good time. In ten years she’ll be an accomplished public health queen but for now you can catch her crying into her chemistry textbook at your local coffee shop. She recommends smoking pot and lavender essential oil (more effective than Xanax) as a stress reliever. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.



Our Social Media Liaison, Amran, hopes to go to law school and has high aspirations to be living out in Cali eventually.  She says taking walks while listening to music helps her deal with stress. Cleaning, too. If you need a good Twitter page to follow, hers will satisfy your needs.



Joey is a music producer. He hates school, but loves going to check out houses that are on sale. Especially those big expensive ones. (Yes, he does have the Zillow app downloaded on his phone too). He’s still confused on the concept of hiking, and doesn’t like going places alone. Joey would probably say that sleeping, or listening to his music, is the best way to de-stress. Listen to his tracks on Spotify.



Motivational speaker, Karim, wants to inspire the world with his words. He believes he can create change one speech at a time. He is currently majoring in business finance at St. Cloud State while managing his YouTube channel. Check him out! Aside from that, have you ever tried meditating with ducks to relieve stress? I haven’t, but if Karim suggests it then maybe it really works.

April and Ajay


This dynamic duo has been dating for a few years now. They both attend Michigan State University. If April’s feeling stressed she likes to talk to close friends, organize her planner, and take walks outside by herself. April has a Youtube channel where she vlogs with her friends. Ajay is a rapper whose song is featured in the third episode, listen to him on Spotify.


Artist in residence, Lani (pronounced Annie with an L), is a cinematography and music production student. Though, Lani likes to change colleges about every year so we’ll see. To start a conversation with her, just ask her about astrology or mention some gay shit. Her brand includes going out any chance she gets—even after near-death experiences at the club. She recommends doing drugs in “healthy” amounts and a few good orgasms to relieve stress. Lani is also responsible for our website banner art. Catch her on Instagram.


Malik is a queer creative from Chicago (BORN AND FUCKING RAISED AND WILL NOT LET YOU FORGET ABOUT IT!). They specialize in creative direction (mainly pertaining to videos), topics about sex, sex, and Black Womanism! They believe in many social dtheories, one being that they are the reincarnation of Cleopatra, Remy Ma should become a comeian, and that Beyonce practices witch craft. They’re a slut for all things that are pop culture and feminine. Catch them on SnapChat: Maliko_Minaj, Instagram, and Twitter. (You can also find them on Grindr, Tinder, or collecting money from closeted men on Christian mingle.)

(Special Notation: Life path one with a Leo sun, Leo moon, Pisces ascendant, a mid-haven in Sagittarius and a Venus in Virgo)